Limited Translation/Interpretation Resources

 Limited Translation/Interpretation Resources
In & Around the Berkshires

Please note: Due to staff time and resources BIC cannot ensure that this list remains accurate and up to date. There are no full time translation/interpretation services in the Berkshires. Translators/Interpreters are independent contractors and set their own prices. Translations in 24 hours or less are often impossible and clients should plan on a 3-5 day turn around. BIC does not employ these providers and therefore cannot predict your experience with them.

Note that translations should always be typed in English and resemble the document as much as possible in form and verbiage.

Translations required by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services need not be notarized and require the following language at the bottom of the translation with a signature.

(General Translator’s Certification for Agencies to Self-certify a translation.)

I, NAME, hereby certify that I am completely fluent in the languages of __________(fill in with language of the document) and English, and that the above/attached document is a true and accurate translation of the original document presented to me.

Signature:                                                                           Date:



PHONE NUMBER (of Translator)

If notarization is required the translator must print out the English translation and paragraph leaving it unsigned. They must then travel to a notary public and ask them to watch the translator sign their “certification” and notarize their signature (through the demonstration of an identification)to prove that the “self-certifying” translator is indeed the person signing the document.

General Translation/Interpretation Services; Multiple Languages:

  • The Rosetta Foundation is a non-profit organisation registered in Ireland working to provide equal access to information and knowledge across the languages of the world. It maintains the Translation Commons ( matching non-profit translation projects and organisations with the skills and interests of volunteer translators across the world. The Foundation performs free translations and is an excellent resources for non-profits to get materials produced in other languages.
  • UMASS Translation Center: Tel. 413-545-2203 Email:
  • Language Bridge, LLC: Tel. 413-754-3488
  • Cross Cultural Communications Services Inc: Tel. 1-781-729-3736
  • Global Link Translation Services Tel.: (877) 451-6655   –   Email:

For Advice about finding local independent interpreters:

  • Silvana Kirby, President of Restrepo International Language ManagementTel: 413-841-6561   Email:    Website: *This business handles translation and interpretation of several languages and makes many referrals
  • Veronica Bedard, BMC Patient Relations   Email:

Spanish Translations

  • Elisa Fuller,, 413-347-0793
  • Brooke Mead, Berkshire Immigrant Center, (translation done outside of work hours) Tel: 413-445-4881       Email:
  • Tom Drury: Tel: 442-4535
  • Gwen Hampton Van-Sant: Email:

Russian Translation:

  • Larisa Rozenblum: Tel. 413-445-5206, 413-770-2564    Email:

Polish translation, interpretation, translation, and support:

Interpretation for USCIS Interviews in Boston or Lawrence, MA

Community Interpreter Services:
Catholic Charities, Archdiocese of Boston
275 W. Broadway
South Boston, MA 02127
(617) 464-8100

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